Gustavo Cerati~

#CeratiQuerido #GraciasTotales x todo lo que compartiste, compañero de viaje en el espacio-tiempo.Te amo.Nos encontramos por ahí.


Gustavo Cerati~

#CeratiQuerido #GraciasTotales x todo lo que compartiste, compañero de viaje en el espacio-tiempo.Te amo.Nos encontramos por ahí.

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Gaia live at A State Of Trance 650 / Ultra Music Festival 2014


Tiësto - Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2014


Todos los invisibles



While your relationship with your dad may not always have been perfect, it shaped some elements of your life today. There will be inevitable conflict as a father tries to guide you to adulthood. You may resent times when your dad may have been strict but appreciate his efforts to steer you in a good direction. Fathers guide us in many ways: some we understand clearly at the time, others we may not appreciate until much later. 

Understand that becoming a father requires learning on the job. No one is born knowing how to be a great father.

-How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Being a Good Father is a lot of hard work! Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your Dad this upcoming Sunday!

12 Last Minute DIY Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day!

1. Spend Quality Time with your Dad, consider: Going Fishing, Playing Golf, tickets to a Sporting Event, or starting a project together (such as Building this Homebrew Kegerator). Make it Family Time: Organize a Family Picnic or Barbecue (with these Recipes!).

2. Wash a Car by Hand.

3. Make Breakfast: Cinnamon French ToastBacon and Eggs McMuffinsMake Coffee (even if you are without a Coffee Maker). Include a cool treat, such as: Beer Popsicles, Homemade Fudgesickles, Coke Popsicles, Sprite Popsicles, Pina Colada Popsicles, Fruit Pops, Nutella Popsicles, Orange Julius.

4. Make Photo Mugs.

5. Make and Use Iron on Transfers to decorate a T-Shirt or other fabrics!

6. Make some cool coasters: Photo Coasters, Design a CD Coaster or Turn a CD into a Coaster, Scrabble Tile Coasters, or Tree Branch Coasters.

7. Make Beef Jerky (note: this is a 2-week process!).

8. Make a Salvador Dali Clock (with an old Vinyl - but not one your Dad is collecting!).

9. Make a Duct Tape Wallet.

10. Make Beer Candles.

11. Make Cupcakes. Try Bacon Cupcakes and Jalapeño Cupcakes. Or Rum Cake.

12. Say, “Thank You” and tell your Dad about a specific moment that you really remember with him — make sure he knows why!

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The Privacy Pack


The Reset the Net privacy pack will be a selection of software and tips tailored to common computers, phones, and tablets that literally anyone can use.

Our goal is to accommodate literally everyone, and offer bonus tools and instructions for more technical users. Since the tools will be pretty much universal, it should be easy for people to share the privacy packs with friends.

It’ll provide tools and tips for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux, and everything will be free software.

Here’s what we’re offering…

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Twitter Brigade


If we can get the Internet’s most popular websites and apps to step up security, the NSA is in serious trouble. Especially if we can get them to add end-to-end encryption.

We’ve got to start somewhere. Here’s a list of tweets with a a few things major companies should totally do as soon as they can to protect our privacy. Who knows? To limit the damage the NSA has done to their reputations, they might listen.

Start your engines… here’s the list!

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